EOTC Parental Consent and Volunteer Form

Please note that it is very important that student details such as health information and emergency contacts are kept up to date with the Waiau School office during the year.

Please ensure that all sections of this form are completed and it is returned to the school by Wednesday 17th November

Parental Consent
  • I agree to my child taking part in the EOTC event and have received sufficient information on which to base a decision.
  • I agree to their participation in the activities described. I acknowledge the need for them to behave responsibly.
  • I have updated (where necessary) my child’s health information held by the school.
Acknowledgement of Risk
  • I have read the EOTC event information and I understand that there are risks associated with involvement in school EOTC events and that these risks cannot be completely eliminated.
  • I understand that the school will identify any reasonable foreseeable risks and hazards, and implement correct management procedures to eliminate or minimise these.
  • I understand my child has been involved in the development of safety procedures and I will do my best to ensure that my child follows these procedures.
  • I know that I am able to ask any questions of the school about the activities my child will be involved in, to gain a better understanding of the risks involved.
  • I recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not mandatory through a ‘challenge by choice’ procedure. My child and I both understand that they may withdraw from an activity if they feel at risk. This must be done in consultation with the person in charge.
  • I understand that the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property (either my child’s property or damage to other’s property caused by my child) and that it is my responsibility to check my own insurance policy