ERO Report

Our Latest ERO Report

The purpose of ERO’s external evaluations is to give parents, whānau and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education children and young people receive. ERO reports on the equity and excellence of learning outcomes for all students and for specific groups including Māori students, Pacific students and students with additional learning needs. This includes a focus on accelerating learning for students. ERO also reports on the quality and effectiveness of the school’s processes and practices for continuing and sustaining improvement. The report gives evaluation findings that answer four key questions about the school’s performance.

 Since the 2019 ERO review, Waiau School has made good progress in addressing the areas identified for improvement. Staffing has remained stable, the roll has increased, and we are working hard to meet the our high expectations of what excellence looks and feels like in our school.

Over the past two years teachers and leaders have taken part in professional learning and development (PLD) programmes to improve teaching and learning in mathematics and oral language.Please see the ERO Mid Point Summary for an update on our progress.

The school is a member of the Tipu Mia l Community of Learning.